The forest fairy


Here are more of my fairy skirts! I made this last year for Halloween.

I wanted to have a reason to make more of these skirts, and I had some leftovers of lace and a beautiful flower fabric that I thougt would look good as a fairy skirt. 

Since it was Halloween, there had to be something “scary” with this fairy. So I chose that this is a fairy that has had its wings cut off with an axe. And that she is looking for revenge and uses the axe as her weapon.

This is why I glued on feathers and sprayed fake blood on an old top I had. I also have the “axe” the fairy used as a weapon with a lot of fake blood and feathers on it. But I don’t have picture of it, because the blood looks really weird after it dries. And the axe is of course a toy axe.

Am I ever going to play with fake blood again? I’m not really sure about that, because it stays on your skin and clothes for too long. I was walking around with fake blood on my back (because it would not wash off), and my jacket got horrible fake blood inside it, which i tried to wash off, but it never disappeared.


5 thoughts on “The forest fairy

  1. Gosh the skirt is so pretty! I wish you’d clicked pictures of the costume. ☺
    It’s a shame about the fake blood, though. Maybe you’ll find some non-permanent substitute for it…

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    1. Thank you! I am going to make more of these skirts!
      Maybe a DIY to it, because they are easy to make 🙂
      Right now i am working on a “bigger” sewing project then I am used to do, so it will take a little time before i post more about the fairy skirts, but I am sure it will come after new year.

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