Vintage lace and the Renaissance


This is probably one of my favorite bolero!

It is a vintage blue lace bolero where you can tie a bow in front or back.

I had such a bolero when I was little and suddenly one day I found a pattern that was almost identical to the type of bolero and then I just had to try to make one.

Pattern was purchased on stoff & stil on sale a couple of years ago. But I’ve made some small changes to this pattern to try and customize it to me. 

Unfortunately, I destroyed the pattern when I was going to iron some of the parts I had clip out… I had a little stupid moment and thought I would correct the pattern “fabric” (I did realize that it was a kind of fabric paper pattern) but ended up almost steaming it away.

But next time I will use a single basic pattern and further develop it into such a bolero pattern.

As for the jewelry, I was inspired after watching the Tudors TV series!

After seeing a lot of the pretty clothes and the jewelry, I wanted to create something that could remind me a little about the Renaissance.

I have used blend of glass, crystals and metal beads. The cross pendant was a very expensive pendant since it is made of metall and have crystals on it (but the store I bought it on usually makes all of their product very expensive).

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