Pink flower jacket for the easter


This is the first time I have actually made something I can wear for this holiday.

The jacket was not a part of this plan for the easter, but I think the flowers and colours on this fabric fits for this holiday, so that’s why I chose to show it off now.

The jacket is made of velvet furniture fabric (I can’t remember if it was polyester or something else, it is something like a synthetic fabric for sure). I found this fabric on sale and I knew I wanted to make a jacket of this for the spring/summer.

The necklace does not have the typical colours that we often see in easter time. I have used the colours brown, black, gold and light yellow instead for pastel colours.

It took me long time to finish the necklace because I was not satisfied with the way I put the beads together with the chain. I am still not sure if I like the necklace, but I think it looks good enough.


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