Cute and sporty lace



Once again I have redesigned something I made but never use.

Maybe because this top is very big and does not look good on me (I used to make clothes too big for me), so I decided to do some change on it, make it smaller but still keep some of the “oversize” style on it. I also chose to take away the silver decoration (I felt it was to much).

And now I think it looks more sporty and cute now. A nice top to wear on the beach maybe? Well I think this one will look good with my high waist shorts!


7 thoughts on “Cute and sporty lace

  1. This is so pretty! 🌸 I like the look of oversized blouses, but they swallow up my petite frame. Love that you were able to tweak your top & now it looks beautiful on you. ❤


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    1. Thank you so much! I usually don’t use to much oversized blouses, but if the blouse is short and I have high waist pants then I use it (because wearing oversize clothes can make your body shape look “wrong” so I am trying to be careful with how much oversized clothes I can use).
      Thanks again for the nice comment! 😀


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