Lace top that shows shoulders


This elegant lage top was made for me, but of course I made it too big for me… again, so my mom got it… again.

I really like this lace top, but I feel like I have done something wrong when I sew it, but it don’t know what I have done wrong (except that it’s too big for me).

Well it is transparent because I did not sew any top to have under it, but the plan was to use a simple top under this top/blouse. And I think the collar is not quite right sew either (I am still learning).

But I think my sister looks good in this top (yes I know I said I gave it to my mom, but I needed a model, so my sister did have some time to spare), and the colour looks very good on her!

And since I have been a lot of sick lately and busy with school, I asked my sister to be model for more of my clothes and accessories, so you will see more of her on my blog (thank you sister).


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