Oversize cardigan made into bolero


More redesign of my own clothes! This time I redesigned a oversize cardigan to a bolero.

The reason I redesigned this cardigan it was simply because it was too big and no one wanted to use it, and I did not wanted to waste this pretty fabric so I redesigned it to a bolero so it could fit a nice dress or something like that.

I gave this bolero to my mom, because I have given her a dress that I made a few years ago (this dress was also supposed to be mine but I sew it to big, like I always do) and I think that this bolero will look good with her dress and of course other dresses.

I wish I could get more of this fabric but it is very long time since I bought, so I can’t find it anymore. I could have sewn this bolero a bit longer, but I chose not to do that (I don’t know why) and I did also added a decorative band around the bolero, because I was inspired of the Coco Chanel jackets!


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