Tina lace dress


Finally I can post about this cute dress that I made earlier this year!

This is a vintage dress where I have used the pattern from burda style special 6/2015 (burda vintage). And I really love it!

The dress name is Tina chiffon dress and is original from the Burda Fashion 6/1969.

Did I actually follow the instructions on how to sew this dress? I do belive that I did, but I did not use chiffon for this dress, but stretch lace instead. Why? Because each time I try to sew something amazing with chiffon, I always destroy it somehow…But it is always nice with some more chiffon scarfs,  don’t you think?

Anyway the lace is my “signature” fabric, and I wanted a cute lace dress for my graduation this year! But the “sad news” is that I won’t use it on my graduation day because I think this dress is a bit too short for this event, so I will use this another time instead… But I have made another dress for graduation day and I think that dress fits a bit more, but you all have to wait and see!

The dress is also a see through so I need to use a dress under it.


13 thoughts on “Tina lace dress

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You are so talented. How do you start such a project? Do you begin with a tried and tested pattern and then alter it to your needs?

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    1. Thank you so much. I usually draw the pattern in the “correct” size for me, then I adjusts while I’m sewing it. Sometimes that work and sometimes not 😉


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