From scarf to blouse (Part one)


This year I have been low on money and fabrics, so I had to be very creative with how to earn money and how to get fabric that are not too bad. So redesign or refashion (as we also can call it) has been my way of creating and designing clothes this spring.

I have decided to make two post about the scarfs I have been using to design new blouses. I did have one more where I had used curtains instead, but it looked really bad on me…not all redesigning works unfortunately.

Why did I chose to use a scarf as fabric? I think the design on the fabric is really cute and I thought this could be a nice summer blouse for myself. The fabric was very thin and hard to work with and when I started to sew it together, the fabric start to fall apart… I managed to finish sewing it, but I had to be careful with wearing it so the seam would not break.

Will I wear it? No… The fabric is to thin and fragile and now I understand why they just use this kind of fabric for scarfs and not for dresses and blouses (also the fabric is a bit transparent). This fabric is 100% polyester, and it is definitely not my favorite fabric to work with.


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