Another flower blouse


Yes I know! I am making a lot of clothes with flower prints on it… But this fabric is soft and smooth, that made it perfect for the summer (and you will probably see more flower prints from me later anyway).

I used a pattern from stoff & stil that I have bought two times because of the sizes. This blouse is size 40, but I had to sew in the back, because it was too big. I do have this pattern in size 38, but that happend to be a bit small to me (I really don’t understand why patterns are always a bit to small or too big for me). I feel like I have to change my body to fit those patterns I buy, and that bothers me. I just hope that I can master how to customize pattern one day (I did learn about that on school, but I never understood it at that time).

I love this style, especially the sleeves on this blouse. I love airy and dramatic sleeves! It does really tell what kind of style I like to wear.


6 thoughts on “Another flower blouse

  1. I love this blouse and the floral print you chose is amazing (I second what Catherine said, by the way, there’s nothing wrong with floral prints! ) Love it combined with the sun glasses and denim – the combination takes it to the next level and makes the floral look super bad ass and cool! 😀 Wonderful job!

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