Camo jacket for the fall


Say hello to my little brother!

This is first time I have sewn children clothes!

My little brother had seen this camo fabric when we were out shopping for fabrics, and told me that he wanted a camo jacket. Without hesitating I said of course I can make a camo jacket for you.

The fabric was cheap because it was a bit damaged, it had a big hole in it(it looked like someone had clipped a big hole on purpose), and I thought it would be enough fabric for the jacket but after cutting out the parts for the jacket, I realized that it was not enough fabric and I had to buy more. My brother wanted the sleeves to be in camo fabric too, but I felt I had to use a simplere colour on the sleeves, just to make the jacket a bit more fitting as a everday jacket.

I used a pattern from a burda magazine (don’t remember which burda number it was). I used very long time to find a easy (it was also hard to find the right size too) jacket pattern for kids. I ended up with having to puzzle parts of a “very” detailed children jacket together to design a simpel jacket pattern for boys.

It was also the first time I had sewn a zipper on a jacket, and I had no problem with it!

My Brother did like the jacket very much and have already used it, but it’s a bit too hot to wear it yet, so it is a perfect jacket for the Fall/Winter.



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