My graduation dress


I was supposed to show you this in June, right after my graduation, but I never really got the opportunity to take good pictures of if before.

I wanted to make myself a dress for my graduation and I wanted it to really have a design that was a mix of what kind of style I have always had interest for. Since I started on high School in 2010 (long story short: I went to school again after not finding apprenticeships that fitted design & textile, so I did never really finish my design & textile education) I have always had interest for the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo era. My school did often take us to the museum where we did look at those era styles in fashion and interior, and it made me become more interested in all those eras.

So when I found this fabric when I was in Oslo, I got an idea that this would look good as a modern twist of those eras. At that time I did not I was going to make a dress for my graduation.

I used this dress pattern and the sleeves from this pattern, both pattern is from stoff & stil. This dress is also the same design/pattern as the birthday dress I made!

I am so glad I did choose to make a dress of it, because it truly became a more personal experience of what I have learned at school when it comes to design and style.

My graduation day and this dress will always keep a good memory of me finishing my education and becoming a interior consultant!


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