One year of blogging!


Time does really flies!

For just few days ago I got an a achievement on wordpress! I have been blogging for one year! And this was really meant be a school project blog, so my blogging was intended to end in June.

But I chose to blog about more then interior projects I had at school… I wanted to blog about my sewing and other crafting projects I had at home, because I think it is fun to share and show other people what I make when I was not working on some school projects.


I did really enjoy blogging about my school projects, even if it was low views on that topic.

People that knows me thought it was a nice way to show them what I was learning and doing at school. I already miss going to school, I miss seeing the people I used to see everyday and I miss doing projects. But I am so glad I finally got to graduate from school and get a diploma as an interior consultant.


I have also made some few DIY’s post and I only did that for fun (and to post something while I was to busy to post anything else)!

Also some people asked me if I could make some DIY’s, but I was never really sure how to actually make a good DIY. I am thinking of updating some of the DIYs I have made and if you have seen something on my blog that you would like to see how I make it, then you can go to my about/contact page and send in your request.


Interior was my main topic on this blog (it was supposed to be that), but my sewing did get a little bit more attention then I thought it would get.

I did not complain about it, because I really wanted people to see my design in clothes and styling. I also wanted a new main topic when I was graduating school, so I really was glad that the interest in sewing is big at wordpress.

My blog is also some kind of a portfolio, because it is sometimes easier to show what I have done through a blog, then giving them twenty pages with pictures of my “work”.

I have chosen to keep blogging more, because it has been so much fun showing you my design and other hobbies. I might not get the opportunity to post too often as before but I hope you still will keep on visiting my blog and support me!

And BIG thank you to all that follow my blog and visit me!

I will try to fix my about page (because it is time to get to know me a little bit more) and I think will post more about why I wanted to become a designer and how it started.

You will also see older projects/crafting from the earlier years to show you how it all began.


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