My first time sewing clothes


This was not the first time I had sewn, but it was the first time I was sewing clothes.

It was the final arts & crafts project at junior high school, and we had to choose between ceramik, woodwork (not sure what it really is called in English) and sewing. Also the theme was to create something that would have fitted in with the indigenous people.

 I remember I was not sure what I was going to choose, because I told my teacher that I wanted to make something that would have looked good in ancient Egypt, because I was very fascinated by the history of ancient Egypt at that time. But my teacher did not accept my plan of making ancient clothes from that time era, because people of Egypt is not indigenous people.

My teacher said that I could choose nomad from Egypt as indigenous people, and without thinking much about it I said yes to that. What I did not know (I did not hear the information about the project, because of my hearing problems) was that we had to write about the indigenous people that we chose as a part of the final arts & crafts project… So my grades did not get so high as I thought it would (I could not find so much information about nomad in Egypt), the writing did pull down my grades and it did make me a bit upset.

Why did I chose to sew? Well my original plan of what I wanted to be when I grew up is Jewelry designer! I did really enjoy making necklaces, earrings and other accessories, but people did say that my dream was to weak for this “world” and I chose to sew an outfit to make necklace and ankle bracelet to show how much accessories can make the outfit complete. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the accessories.

A lot of people thought this dream was just a phase but I did have this dream of becoming a jewelry designer and I did not wanted anyone to take it away from me..

Fun fact about me: I always used some kind of jewelry design or beads in every project I got at high school after this project, until a teacher noticed it and told me I had to stop doing that in almost every project I got (it did pull down grades in some of my projects for using beads and that’s when I stopped doing it all the time). My parents had already seen that most of my design & crafting projects that did have something with jewelry or beads design in it… They thought I was very stubborn for not trying out something new in design or choosing a better education that did have more jobs.


4 thoughts on “My first time sewing clothes

  1. You’re not stuborn at all! Beads and jewellery are very appealing to you and you have an artistic eye as well. Go on your way and keep on putting beads if it’s your way. You’ll find easily people to like your style

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