The big project!


You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting any new sewing or other crafting projects lately, but maybe if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some of the stuff I have been doing this month.

This fall I have chosen to work with designing and making costumes for a cabaret my friend is director of, and it is a really exciting project.

This event is for young people (14-24 yr old) who want to participate in theater activities such as acting, dancing, music, stage work, costumes, etc .. This is not a paid job for me or the others that have joined to make this… But it is a nice way for young people like us to get more experiences and something good to write down later when we are searching for work.

This is the first time I have joined a project where I am responsible for costumes and making them… And I have also volunteered to teach youngsters to sew clothes/costumes for this play, and also it was a chance for me to get a helping hand with all the sewing!

Being a “sewing teacher was a little bit hard (I have been working as a teacher assistant before, but I had never really taught before) because when you are teaching someone to sew, they have to sit down with their sewing machine and try out the things I say they have to do, but when I tried to explain I realized that it became too hard for them to understand what I said, and I ended up with teaching one person at the time by sitting next to them and telling them what to do.

I do not have any experiences how to teach others to sew, so the first hour was a bit awkward (did not help that three of five sewing machines did not work), but after an hour I had tried to teach everyone individually how to sew, how patterns work and how to cut differents fabrics. The first day was a bit chaotic and confusing, and the second day I chose to keep it more simple for me by keeping on teaching one person at the time. I did not really had any time to teach properly, since the costumes are supposed to be done at the end of October, so I have a lot of work to do yet! 

I will be posting more of this project through October and November.

This cabaret is about penguins that are trying to take over the world by using a “drømmepod” (a dreaming travel machine) to travel all around the world to get to north pole, and to replace all gifts with penguin eggs. It is a crazy and funny story about their travels, and it is a lot about different cultures, dances and music from all around the world! The name of this show is Drømmepodden, it is a Norwegian name that I don’t think I can translate to English.

In the inspiration collage above you can see what I used as inspiration of how I imagined the penguins would look like, and next week I might post some sketches of the costumes!


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