The forest witch


I am a little bit late with the Halloween post but here it is!

This year I was invited to two halloween parties and I decided to be creative and make something for myself like I did for two years ago!

Unfortunately I did not have time to sew my own costume because of the costume project that I am working with, but I could still do some small stuff like redesigning some of my old clothes.

I did only redesign the simple black top (that I have never really used before) with laces and beads. I did sew the laces by hand but it took me much longer time then I was suppose to do (it took four hours to sew this by hand) and I had to glue gun the beads on it because I did not have time to sew before the party.

I also decorated the witch hat because I wanted it to look more unique and tried my best to look like a stylish forest witch!


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