Costume project: The Show

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Today is the last day of this project we have been working on since August, and I have to admit it is a bit sad it’s over.

I have had much fun making and design these costumes and also had fun working backstage during the show to make sure the costumes are not broken.

The penguins end up in a “little town” 

It was fun for me to see all the costumes on stage, and that I finally got the chance to design and make costumes for a play! 

Click here to see the sketches I made for this

I learned much from this project like:
How to take time to plan the project & costumes, design own pattern, how to teach other about sewing and much more! 

Click here to see more details of the costumes

Is there something I would have changed or things I could have done better?
I don’t think I want to change much, but I wish I had researched more about things I was not 100% sure it would work and had more time to make more and better costumes.

The penguins are visited by Mormons

Would I like to do more projects like this?
I think I would like to join more of these kind of projects if I have time. I do have some few dream jobs and I think working at the theatre with costumes and scenography is one of them.

I hope you all like the photos I took from the dress rehearsal! I have used three days to get those pictures done before the last show.

Let’s give an applause to all who have worked on this project!

Click here to see more details of the costumes

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