Vintage botanical tunic

Here is the tunic I made to myself that I wrote in last post!

I think this is the size small but I am not 100% sure. I had to sew it in a bit more then I thought I needed since it was too big for me, but the good thing with this tunic pattern is that it has seams in the front and back so I could just sew in as much as I needed!

I really like this fabric, I think it has a very botanical and vintage look to it and it is also very soft and ligh to wear. Also this was some of the fabric I bought when I was on a roadtrip in Kiel, Germany.

As I said in the last post… I think this tunic is very nice with a belt on, it really feels like it compliment my body shape!

I did take a lot of pictures of clothes that I have sewn before Christmas but the pictures does not have the best quality lighting as before, because I have moved and I do not have the right lighting setups in my apartment and it was a snow storm outside that day I decided to take pictures… So if anyone has any good ideas on how I can get better lights inside when I take photos, then leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “Vintage botanical tunic

  1. I don’t do photos for my own blog, so I can’t speak from direct experience, but a lot of bloggers I know will get a big piece of white poster board and use it to kind of diffuse light toward whatever they’re photographing. Like get a lamp or flashlight or something, set up the poster board to face the subject, and shine the light towards the poster board so it bounces off onto the subject. I think I’ve seen others do similar things with white balloons or sheets.

    Emma at does really good photos and I think has a few older posts on how she takes her photos, so you might try searching her site.

    I love this blouse, btw! The print is gorgeous.

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  2. What a gorgeous tunic! You look beautiful and it (and the fabric!!) really suits you! 🙂

    I wish I had more tips for lighting issues when taking photos! My apartment is really dark most of the day, especially at this time of year. I usually try and take photos during the small periods of time when the light is best in the morning or afternoon, go into the room with most windows and then open up the curtains to try and get as much natural lighting in as possible and normally I have all the lights on as well. It doesn’t always work but it’s the best solution I’ve found so far. But if it’s cloudy and rainy or snowing, all bets are off!


    1. Thank you very much! It is definitely my favorite tunic at the moment! 😀

      I usually take pictures outside, even if it is cold and snowy outside. I love the light outside but lately it has been waaay too cold and it has gotten a bit too dark to even take pictures outside… I am going to try to fix the light issues soon 😉

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