Waterfall of roses

Remember when I had sewn the waterfall cardigan last summer?
Well, I made a new one!

Only this time it is more softer and elegant but also fragile.

I found this lace with roses and I fell in love with it. It was definitely one of the fabrics I needed to buy, even I did not have much money. Roses has always been my favorite flower and the colour was just very gorgeous!

I feel like there is not enough exciting and unique fabrics in Norway,
especially in my home town. I think most people that sew in Norway, is sewing clothes for children and not for adults. And that’s might be why the smaller fabric shops import more fabric that fits for children, and not for adults. I have sewn clothes for myself that was meant for children clothes, like this dress:

This dress might look a bit childish, but is very cute and it is organic cotton, and is much nicer to the skin. But the problem is that this was one of the fabrics that looked “okay” for an adult to wear.

I just wish more smaller fabric shop would import more unique fabrics that we don’t get at Stoff & stil! And yes I am often at stoff & stil because they have a lot to fabrics for everyone but I do miss more different laces.

But back to the elegant waterfall cardigan!

I just love styling this cardigan with belts and hats!

I love this cardigan more than the other one because this one is softer and elegant, also it looks better as a waterfall cardigan.

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