Off shoulder with bullfinch

Here’s another off shoulder top!

This is sewn the same way as the other on I posted last week, and I forgot to tell you what kind of pattern this is, so click here to see it!

The only different with this top is that I have used a different fabric. This is 95% cotton and 5% elestan. It is a really good fabric to sewn on. Once again this is fabric for children but I thought it was so cute that I just wanted to create something with birds on before Christmas.

The only thing I dislike with this fabric is too stiff and I need to iron the top each time I wash it… And it is a little bit to big on my back, and the other top that I made was softer and did not show it off that much.

Next time I will try to make a longer sleeve to it, maybe give it more a 60-70s look!

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