Teapot & Beads

This necklace have a similar style as the Mirror necklaces but this one does not have any big personal story.

A year after I started to create jewelry (2008 – 2010), I wanted to create my own collection of jewelry. It did not take long before I came up with a theme and a name to it. I decided to call it “Tea party in Wonderland”. The reason was because I had many different pendant that gave me a Alice in Wonderland feel to it, like teapot, clocks, mirror, frames, rabbits etc. Also it did really fit how I was as a teenager because I was often in my own world and alone at School. So this collection did help me to express my feelings as a teenager.

My plan with this collection was to make vintage inspired jewelrys with a fairytale theme, but I was very young and a newbie in making good designs when I was sixteen. So I bought a lot of things with that theme in 2010/11 but it is first now I am creating beautiful necklaces and other jewelrys of it.

So this is necklaces belongs to my private collection, Tea party in Wonderland. And I do have many more from the collection, one of them is here and the other one is the mirror necklace! I have also made another teapot necklace but I might redesign it because it is too small.

The necklace is made of porcelain, metal and wax beads.

I will not keep this necklace to myself, so I will be selling this one day when I get the chance!

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