Good ideas that did not work

We all creative people have a lot of good ideas when we are trying to create something new! But sometimes it does not work out as planned…

This is not my first post about it, and last time I posted a similar post, was last year when I wanted to show all the sewing projects from 2018 that did not work out.

Number 1: I fell in love with this blouse pattern from Simplicity. I thought it would be nice with something that was not too simple design, since I had only sewn less detailed clothes. The problem with this blouse is that I have used a very stretcy fabric that made this top a bit too big for me (again)… I might try to sew it again later with less stretch (I think I must stop buying the cheap stretcy fabric from the left overs inside the shop).

Number 2: This is my typical fairy skirt. I usally sew skirt with stretch fabrics but this one time I wanted to sew a summer skirt with chiffon fabric. It became really weird because the other side was longer than the other, and it became to messy for me to fix it. It could have worked out but I was not satisfied with it. I have sewn this skirt at least four times now, but unfortunaly it did not work out this time with chiffon. Maybe next time...

———–Ice Queen skirt——————–DIY of the skirt———–The forest fairy skirt———-

Number 3: It is also a Simplicity pattern. It is from Mimi G waisted trousers and tie top pattern pack that I bought, because I wanted the pattern for the pants. But I thought I could try to sew the tie top since I had the pattern for it. But I did not like to wear it myself (and I usally love boleros and tie tops), also it was not a good fit for my body type. I did not finish making it, I chose to not sew the sleeve on this tie top. The fabric was not fun to work with and I had to iron it too often and it became just a big pain working with it. Not sure if I will try to sew this again.

Number 4: This one is once again a Simplicity pattern, and it is one of the their vintage pattern. I kind of fell in love with this jacket/bolero from the 50s. It looks so cute on the pictures and I had a perfect fabric for it (for this jacket/bolero it was recommended to use wool fabric). It all went okay until I realized that I did not understand how I was supposed to sew it together. It became too hard for me to understand (it did not help that the Simplicity magazine is imported from Germany, and I don’t understand that so very well) and after a evening with a lot of thinking, I decided to give it up, and that’s a shame.

Well that’s all about it for this time. I have sewn more then these four that did not work out, but I chose to not write anything about them since I don’t have much to say about it and I want to let it go.

This winter I had a lot of sewing mistakes around my table, and I was so tired of it. I also had to take a break from it, because I became just more frustrated and it started to make me more and more unsure about my sewing. Also my private life this winter was not so very easy and I was often too ill to even blog or do anything at all.

But in April I decided to buy myself a sewing book about stretch clothes, Tilly and the buttons: Stretch! It has really helped me with how to sew with stretch and how to deal with it. And my hobby became fun to do again after reading just a few lines, so thank you Tilly!

After summer I think I will have a lot of sewing projects that I want to show you! And I have many other plans for the rest of the year!

I choose to write this post to show you all it is okay to do mistakes when you are working with your hobbies. I do them often but I have learned so much this year already. I have felt that I just want to give up, but then I find new things to create and that’s what makes it all worth it.

Click here to see last years mistakes!

2 thoughts on “Good ideas that did not work

  1. Made my fair share of good ideas with bad results too! I made a top from a pattern one time where the sleeve holes ended up way too small and the blouse part too big. Thanks for sharing this; it’s always nice to know you’re not the only one and I like seeing what you make regardless!

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    1. Thank you for the nice comment! This is one of the reasons I like to blog about everything that I make!
      I have done something like that too, it is so annoying when that happens, but we always have to keep on trying!

      Have a nice week!

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