Do you miss me?

I am still here, but I am still working with alot of different projects this month + I am planning my own birthday party next week (first time in my own home that I rent), so I have a alot going on this week and next now.

I think the three photos above gives a little hint about what kind of projects I have been working on the last two weeks.

If you are curious on what I am working on, then you can follow me on Instagram and see my storys!

I will post something next week on Wednesday about something really cute that I have worked on earlier this summer. And if you have seen my Instagram, then you might know what it is.

After next week post I might take a little break from blogging, so I can sew my summer trip clothes!

Also I have been doing some interior work too, that I might post here soon.

My final exam from interior design School!

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