Is plushies my new thing?

In 2014 I got really tired of trying to learn to sew and design clothes, and took about a year break from sewing. But I had a big wish of wanting to create a soft toys company at that time, and only a few people knew about that (I was known as the girl that wanted to design jewelery). You can read a short post here from the last time I wrote about this kind of project!

But after creating a few “easy to sew” soft toys, I decided to take a break from that too, basically because the fake fur fabric made a big mess in my bedroom at my parents house.

This year I have had a lot of mistakes from sewing clothes projects and got tired of the mistakes, so I decided to try making soft toys again but this time a little bit more advanced than I had sewn before.

So when I was making the raccoons I found the happines of creating soft toys again.

I have decided to keep on doing it, especially this fall because I think it might sell better than my jewelry (people usally buy more handmade stuff before Christmas than anytime of the year) and I need to sell off as much as possible to get rid of almost everything I make and to pay for the materials I have bought.

Hopefully I get to create some new soft friends very soon!

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