Rocking out with Agnes

Finally I got the chance to make the Agnes top from Tilly and the buttons!

I really like Tillys patterns a lot, they are easy to read and understand, and I just like her style! I do also have her books, and I learned a lot from them and actually made me a better seamstress.

I made this top for the metallica concert here in Norway, but I did not get the chance to use it as it was too cold that day (Norway is a Cold country so we never know what to wear). Also I was planning to use it on a rock festival too, but it was raining all three days…

The top is 90% cotton and 10% elestan.

My only problem with making this top was the size. I used the recommended size for my body measurement, but it was over 10 cm wide on my back! The front and sleeves were also a bit bigger then it was suppose to be on my body but the back was the worst. I tried to make a nice seam in the back to avoid sewing a seam all the way in the back, but it did not work so well.

Many of my patterns ends up being very big on my back and I have to go down one or two sizes, but then I might not getting it over my head… I am still trying to learn more about that part, but that’s mostly why I have taken a long break from sewing clothes to myself.

Also I have learned to choose the right fabrics for stretch clothes. Because sewing in only cotton stretch might be the reason the back becomes so big on some projects.

I have made another Agnes top and mixed it with one of Tillys skirts patterns, and it went much better. I will hopefully write more about it later.

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