Marius the toucan

Say hi to my cute toucan, Marius!

In october and november I have been trying out some new plushie patterns that I wanted to add to my plushie family.

The pattern design is from Melly & Me. She has created many cute quilt plushies patterns and more. I fell in love with her patterns and wanted to create some of the patterns as a more “fluffy” version of her quilt plushies. I did a few changes to the pattern to create more of my own look to it.

What I also like with Melly & me patterns is how simple the pattern is. I like that I can create a toucan plushie with simple design but still see that this is a cute toucan plushie!

I looked up what a baby toucan looks like, and I think they look similar to those cuties that I have made.

I tried to make some with a different colours on the beak but I chose to keep it simple and made the toucan have just one colour on the beak. But I want to create more with different colours as Melly & me has done with hers.

I have hand-sewn the eye patch and also I did special order the blue eyes, because I really wanted to keep it close enough to the toucan’s colours. I used a lot of filling on the body but also on the beak, and sadly the beak is much heavier then the body, so he keeps falling down with the beak. Also the head is a little bit weird shaped as I have hand sewn the head after filling, and not on his back.

I hope I can create more in the future as it was so much fun sewing him, and I also chose to give him another name because I have done a few changes on the design of it (but it is still Melly & me, who is the real creator of this pattern). By the way, all the plushies I have sewn is named after family members!

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