Snowman plushies

Here are some of the plushies I made late in October 2019.

I feel like I did not give enough love to these plushies. I was not quite happy with the final touch on them, as I feel they look a bit crazy. Also their shape was a bit weird and not like I had thought they would look like.

The pattern is from the simply sewing Magazine, Beginners guide to toy making.

Funny enough, these were the ones I actually sold on the marked I was attending (I was a bit sad for the other plushies that was not sold that day, and still some of them are not sold yet). But it was soon Christmas, so it was not that weird that people bought them instead.

I chose to make these snowmen just for fun actually, I was not supposed to sell them but did it anyway.

I had bought a lot of different eye colours for plushies and I thought it would be fun to create a lot of snowmen with different eye colours, I was also supposed to create many different hats and scarves for them too but I did not get time for that as I had to sew the other plushies before November.

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