Simplicity cardigan

Sometimes I think I am the “Queen” of making cardigans. I just love making them, and I used to love to wear them but I have been freezing so much in the winters here in Norway that I only use them at spring/summer time.

I made this cardigan last spring/summer but I haven’t used it a lot but it is a nice add-on for those nice tops and blouses I have been planning to make this year. The cardigan pattern is from Simplicity and is very easy to make. I made this short cardigan after I made a long one, a yellow cardigan that I created last Winter.

Simplicity Pattern 8377 Misses' Knit Cardigan with Variations and Multiple Pieces for Design Hacking

The fabric was bought when I was visiting Kiel in 2018 and I am not quite sure what it is made of, but it feels very synthetic. Not the best quality but it was cheap (also it gave me a little bit of a vintage feels). I did not have enough time to find any better when I was visiting in 2018, but when I was in Kiel in 2019 I had much more time to find better quality fabrics.

I am planning to make more cardigans this year too, not quite sure what yet, but one of them is kind of a bolero that fits for a party and the other one is from the new Tilly and the Buttons book! Hopefully they both will turn out well.

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