The Long break

It is a very long time since I posted on this blog…

I started writing a post in November 2020, but I never really found the words that could fit here on this blog…And I still can’t find the right words. I really want to blog again, about what I create, but it hasn’t been easy lately, well this has been going on since 2019. Not sure how I can tell you about this, but a short story won’t hurt.

After I graduated school in 2018, I had to find a job, and that has never been an easy thing for me because of the profession I am educated in, and it is not many jobs in Norway that has that kind of profession like designing, sewing, interior design without going to more schools and unfortunately I do not have the energy to go to the university or college, even if I want to. My dream is still to work with designing clothes/costumes, work behind the scene at the theater or work as an interior consultant which I am educated for. I have been doing a few projects with other people like the costume project in 2018 autumn, and that was not a project I got paid for, but I did it to have something to do while I searched for a job. It was a fun project and I wish I could do it again. Hopefully I get the courage to find a different theater team that need a costume designer.

It became harder to find a suitable job for me that could fit my energy level and my interest, and I had to take a few courses about job search, health challenges and some more. Also a few work test where we landed on exactly the same profession that I said I wanted to work with. I got really tired of it, and lost the interest to sew and designing.

Finaly in late autumn 2019 I was going to find out how much I could work. It ended up with that I had to wait untill January 2020 because I accidentally hurt my foot so much that I could not stand properly and that was just plain annoying (insert a few curse words here). Yes I can be very clumsy but I also found out the same time that I had a vitamin deficiency.

I worked from late January to the end of February in 2020 and that’s when we found out that I do not have the energy and “health” to have a job. I could only work like 10% and my hearing (and OCD) made my days very hard. I did not wanted to belive it at first that my hearing loss and OCD could cause trouble for not just me but those around me too. I remember talking with my boss, doctor and those who where responsible to help me get a job, that we agreed that it would not be okay for others but mostly for me, to have a job… It kind of hurts to hear it but maybe I was not meant to have job. I always have the pressure that I am young and I need to have a job to have a title, to show others, that a girl with hearing loss and OCD can have a job, but I must be honest to say I feel a bit ashamed for not working hard enough to get a dream job or having the health to do it. But still I do not have the energy to get there… yet, and we never know if I will be able to get there at all. What I need to do now is to just accept me for being ME. I need to learn to like me much more, to accept that I have challenges in my life. It is time for me to do what I have wanted to do and that’s focusing more on my sewing.

And that was a very short and maybe weird story about what I have been doing for the last few years. Now I am very optimistic about blogging again. I have missed it a lot, and I really want to be better at writing blogs and showing off more of my sewing and other creative projects. More about what I am planning to make, about the materials I have bought, etc.. More about the life with staying home and sew. Because I am finaly doing what I have really wanted for many years, I can finaly make things again.

Now let me tell you more about what has happen in my creative part of life!

The spring in 2019 I decided to learn more about how to sew on jersey fabric but it was not until I bought an overlock that I truly learned how to create good and beautiful clothes with jersey fabrics! It still did take me many months before I learned how to use it right (I am sure I am not doing it correct yet but I am getting there). And in 2020 I focused on sewing only cotton jersey and viscose jersey mostly, and it was a good plan for me to do it that way, because I did learn much more about how to sew with stretch when I focused on only jersey projects.

This year I have learned more about how to sew with thin fabrics like viscose, chiffon, etc. Also I am in love with using musselin to make blouses and dresses. So I really want to show you what my plan is.

I also want to show you many of the projects I did sew last year, so I will take time to make a post about them.

I am also going to delete a lot of posts and pages. Because this blog is all about what I am doing now. The posts and pages that will be deleted is DIY and School. I don’t have many good DIYs at the moment so I do not see this as a loss. The school category is someting I really love but I will never get to post anything new there, because I graduated in 2018. Also I don’t have much interior stuff to write about as I don’t practice it anymore because I don’t work with it as planned. I do have a cozy and stylish living room and a nice office but that’s all I have to show for now. It is time to let the interior projects from school leave this blog so it gets more space for the other projects that are more relevant for me and the blog.

Well this was a long post to be me writing it. I hope you like the idea of me returning to this blog again. Hopefully I will start blogging more very soon, just give me a little time to catch up and clean this blog a little. I used 10 days to write this and post it so please have patience with me.

See you soon!

5 thoughts on “The Long break

  1. Welcome back! So sorry to hear about your health struggles and deciding whether or not to work. I’m sure that has been a difficult transition. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your sewing again though!!

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