Buying whatever I like

Sometimes it just feels good to go into a textile store and just buy whatever I think looks good without caring about if it suits me or not.

I am thinking too much about what kind of colors and patterns that fits me, instead of trying new things. So let this be a little motivation for us all, its okay to buy different things that looks nice and you want to try!

Today I was wandering alone at Stoff & Stil (it is called Selfmade now), and I just went around the store and my plan was to find something new for me to try. It is hard when you already have your own preferd style and colors, but it is very exciting to try something new.

I often hear that I don’t use colors, and sometimes I use a lot of colors. The truth is that I just have days were I like to use plain style and days I like to “show off”. It’s just who I am.

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