Snowy top with flounce sleeve

This top is very simple to sew and has a funny sleeve addition.

I bought the fabric already late this summer with a different plan. I was thinking of making a simple Christmas dress or a winter sweater, but I decided to make a fun “party” top instead. My only problem is that I have still not used it yet, and I am not sure if I will keep it.

I am thinking of making this top again, but I think the sleeves are a bit extreme for my taste and I have to say that this year has given me back my interest for tops with flounce but maybe not on the end of the sleeve. Might be clumsy to wear on a date night that includes eating.

The pattern is from Ellie and Mac, and I have fallen in love with their patterns as they remind me of some of my old design ideas that I never made (I have never been good at making my own patterns), so you will definitely see more makes from their patterns, also with my own twist of course.

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