Burda Easy short Coat

This coat is the first outdoor clothing I have made.

My plan was to make a simple short coat/jacket that I can wear early autumn and at springtime.  As usual when I try to make something new, it goes wrong. Well not exactly, wrong… However, the design on the coat did not fit my body. I was about to just “give it away” before my mom saw the coat and said she wanted to buy it.

The coat did really look good on her, and I am happy that someone could use it, because I thought I had sewn the coat wrong when the fitting was weird on me.

The fabric is a coat fabric made with 80% polyester, 18% viscose and 2% elastin.

I fell in love with the coat fabric because of the embroidery on it. I thought it would look very good on a coat for me. The problem was that I chose a wrong pattern design for me to wear. If I would make a coat again, then I hope I find a fabric that gives me a similar vibe as this one, and also a coat that looks good on me of course!

The pattern is from Burda Easy 5/2021. It was very easy to sew and it is beginner friendly if you want to try to make a simple jacket or coat.

2 thoughts on “Burda Easy short Coat

    1. I am thinking of buying the fabric again (maybe in an another color) I found a different coat pattern that I think would look amazing with this fabric.
      Thank you for the nice comment.
      Me and my mom have a very similar looks and clothing style, especially after she started getting interested in wearing clothes that I make, so no wonder we look like twins! 😀

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