Billie sweater

Something that I have been trying to make more for myself is sweaters.

I think it is hard to find simple but pretty sweater patterns which fits the style I am trying to create. Tilly and the buttons released the pattern Billie at the same time I was thinking I needed to find the perfect sweater pattern. Not sure when it was released but I think, it was at Christmas 2020.

I remember buying the PDF file quickly, got it printed out and I was taping it together all night long at my parents’ house.

I really like the sweater design, but I think I have to go up one or two sizes because I think it is too tight around the neck, also it seems like I have made the sweater a bit shorter than I thought it would be, so I have to adjust the pattern a little bit more.

I used French terry for this sweater. Those who know me, know that I barley sew plain colored clothes, so of course it has red roses on it.

It would have been my favorite sweater if it was a little longer and the neck was a little looser, but I think I want to give this pattern one more chance, and adjust it to fit my needs. I have measured myself again, to check if my body has changed since last time (it is very long time since I measured myself properly, and it is a good thing I did!).

I am not used to Tilly and the buttons size chart. Their sizes looks very small from what I am used to. I made the sweater in size 3 (38 Europe) but when I am looking at the size in CM, it looks like I have to use size 5 (42 Europe), and that is two sizes bigger than what I usually use on other patterns last year. I have realized that my body is a little bit bigger now, so I have upsized a few patterns that I know is a bit too tight for me.

Just to be clear, it is okay going up or down in sizes. I do feel bad for going up, when I wanted to go down to become healthier and “good looking”. Sometimes life just hits you and stop you from achieving the plan you made. The important thing to think about is to find out if the plan was right for you, or maybe it was not the right time. Just a little pep talk for the week!

Happy Monday!

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