Mirri wrap top

Wrap tops and dresses has been one of the hardest clothes to make, that have fitted me. They always seem to be too big for me in the front. After trying three or four different pattern designers versions of a wrap top/dress, I found the Mirri dress pattern from Wardrobe by me.

This pattern has been a dream!

Finally a wrap top/dress that fits my body. It is not too loose or tight. I have already made a few tops with this pattern and one dress. I am trying to get more pictures of these tops and the dress I have. I am thinking of making more of them, but it is not on my priority list now.

This might not be the best picture of the top, but this is how I like to style it, with high waist pants (that I have also made, but it is tights) and a simple hairband made of scraps from my sewing. I have been using viscose jersey as it has much more movement in the fabric and fits good for that type of clothes. I think if I use cotton jersey it will be too little stretch and not so good for the folding in the front, but I do not remember if I have tried it yet

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