January update

One month of 2022 is already at the end, and this month has been very chaotic for me.

First day of the year 2022, I started with being hangover, but not in the same way as it had been before. It took a week before I realized that my dizziness was not a completely weeklong hangover (I really do not drink that much, I was just thinking that my body reacted weirdly because it was a long time since I had been drinking alcohol). I found out that I have gotten the Crystal sickness. That is the main reason for being slow at starting new sewing projects so far this year. I have been too dizzy to try to do something at all somedays.

The days when my sight was not blurry, the storm did not take the electricity and I was not riding a rollercoaster in my head, I managed to draw many patterns. I think I drew nine patterns and actually made my own purse/bag pattern too. The purse pattern was an idea I had in December but I did not get time to start drawing the pattern until the end of the first week of January. I have not tried making the purse yet, not sure when I am going to try make it either…

I have been shopping many fabrics this month, mostly on the internet but I managed to go out two days to buy some more fabrics that I could not find in the online shop. I also bought a sewing magazine with some free patterns in it, and one of them was a Tilly and the buttons dress pattern (I was so happy to see the pattern surprise, as it is one of my favorite pattern designers)!

Lately i have been proud of myself because I have been able to work more on the blog. I have had a few days were I have written many posts, ready to be read by my partner (he helps me make my posts more readable), and to post on those days when I feel people read my blog. I have also learned to write more and maybe a little better, but I still have much more to learn. Writing has helped me get my thoughts out and I have felt less lonely. I am also learning to write more blogs that is not too short, because I know many of you who read the blog, like to read more about my experience, sewing, etc. I hope a life update is okay too. I always try to focus on writing sewing more than life, but it feels more personal to add a little bit more of my life in it too. My life is a lot about design, sewing, mental health and creativity. Thinking about writing a little bit more of how my “everyday life” is, that is often surrounded by those four keywords.

I am also proud of being productive with getting ideas, drawing sketches and patterns. Even if I was reduced, I managed to do as much as possible for me. The last twelve days of January, I managed to start sewing again, after having a break in a month.  Still dizzy but I have learned to “live with it”. Hopefully it will be better at the start of February.

Well that was my first month of 2022. I hope you all have had a less chaotic month than I had, and for those who had it… let us hope February is kinder.

Have a good week everybody!

Also here is my top three favorite posts from this month, that I think you should check out:

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