Another McCall’s blouse

In my last post about the McCall’s blouse pattern I told you that I had sewn a lot of them in 2020. Surprise here’s another one!

This one was the blouse I think I used the most. I really love the calm colors on it, unfortunately the colors kind of got weak after a good amount of washing and I lost the interest of wearing it again. I don’t know if the old washing machine from the last place I rented was the issue, I just know that the washing machine at the old place ruined over one meter of lace fabric. So kind of disliked the washing machine of the old place… All the jersey clothes that I have/had lost a lot of color. After moving to a new place where the washing machine is newer, it seems it protects the colors much more and do not harm the fabric I am buying.

I have made many other blouses with puff, bishop, balloon or other sleeves design that has kind of taken the place in my wardrobe now. Just sad that this fabric did not survive long enough. I think jersey is one of the hardest fabric to keep the colors on, so you have to be careful when you are washing jersey.

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