Valentine outfits inspirations

Valentine ’s Day is today and I want to share some clothes/outfits that I have created earlier that fits the theme. There are links on the pictures here that goes to the original post were you can read more about them!

Here are some pink dresses for the date night.

And since it is Monday and you might want something more fitting for work, here are some blouses and a sweater for everyday use.

For those who did not see my first valentine post in 2018, here is a fleece jacket that my sister got as a Christmas gift, which I know she has loved using on cold winter days.

I forgot to write a blog post this Wednesday, so I just want to say that I might change days when I am supposed to post things on the blog, but I have not decided which days it will be yet. I will try to always post on Mondays as it is often that day the blog has the most viewers.

Hope you all will have a wonderful week!

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