February update

This is the shortest month of the year, and I definitely felt it this time, except for the last week felt very long.

After having the Crystal sickness last month, I finally recovered by the end of the January and I could finally start sewing all the projects that I had prepared last month. I still had to take it little bit slow so I did not stress myself too much and to minimize the risk of getting it back again. I do get a little bit dizzy when I get tired, and I have been a lot of tired since autumn. The reason might be stress and lack of sunlight. We have long and dark winters here but it has become lighter this month, and that has really helped a lot.

Back to my sewing process. I did sew a lot in the last week of January and started February with sewing the rest of those projects and I prepared new projects for February. I also focused on taking pictures of previous and newer projects as well.

Because of the health issues I have had recently I have chosen to not be the model the last two months, so there will be a lot of pictures of my mom as model for the clothes that I have been sewing last year and already this year so far. I have also not felt very confident about my body, skin and hair lately, and that has made it more difficult to take the pictures I need for blogging. However, I am working on it and hoping I will feel a little bit better soon.

When it comes to shop for materials this month, I decided not to buy much because I wanted to sew of the other fabrics that I already had. That can be challenging when your favorite fabric shop are getting new fabrics that inspires me new sewing ideas. Therefore, I bought something in the end of February:

Nevertheless, I did promise myself to avoid buying much fabric and other materials. I have managed to actually avoid buying much, my mother did of course buy some more fabrics to make dresses and blouses. Then I was back to having too much fabric in my sewing room. Therefore, the dinner table has been an extra “storage” for the fabrics that did not fit in my shelf. When I had finished my January projects and the early February projects, I started cutting new pieces of projects for the rest of this month and then the “storage” on the dinner table were moved to my sewing room. But I bought more fabrics at last week of this month… (can’t help it sometimes).

I have been sewing many clothes that I am going to show to a group of people that can be potential buyers. Of course, this is not something I do often, because I prefer to individual orders

Not quite sure of what my March sewing plan is yet, but I do believe I will try to find comfy but pretty and elegant pant patterns. Pants is one of the reasons I have been a bit insecure of my body lately and I kind of want to write something about it. I have already tried one pant pattern and I am very happy with it, so I am going to make more of the pants and hopefully take pictures of it for some pants posts.

I do also want to share some thoughts I have about sewing clothes to myself, but not using them. I do like a lot of what I am sewing but not on me and I think it might have something to do about accepting my body, and myself and I think it is important to talk more about it.

That is my update for this month. It has been a better month for the sewing plans I had, and I hope I can keep up with it. Now I think it is also important for me to go more outside, have healthy routines and enjoy sewing clothes for myself again.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice Monday!

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