Bertha Cardigan in blue cable knit

One of my favorite Tilly and the Buttons pattern is the Bertha cardigan from the latest book, Make it simple.

It became my favorite almost before I drew the pattern, and managed to sew it. I have already sewn this jacket three times. I just have not found the right fabric, color and design I want on myself yet.

This cardigan is absolutely the best of the three I made. I think it is jacquard fabric with blue cable knit style. The original plan was to keep it myself, but I wanted to give it to my sister as a gift. I think the color suits her and I think the shape of the cardigan looks great on her. I do believe the cardigan pattern can fit anyone, you just need to have the right fabric and colors.

I am thinking of posting about all of the Bertha cardigans that I have made!

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