Autumn butterfly

This post would have been posted late autumn last year if I was ready to start blogging again, but I was still delayed with having too much sewing to do.

At the time I made this outfit, I was planning the collection. This outfit was a “test” to see how much fabric and time I needed to sew it.

This outfit is being worn by my mother, who also bought this outfit because she really loved to have a different outfit than she usually wear.

Both fabrics are cotton jersey and very comfortable to use. The top/sweater is a pattern from Ida Victoria and the skirt is from Ellie & Mac. I think this was such a good combination for comfortable and cute look for the autumn.

I am planning to make the skirt again, and I have already test sewn in different fabric as stretch velvet. Next time I am making the skirt it will be inspired by the Norway national dresses (it is called Bunad and Festdrakt in Norway, and I have already made a Festdrakt in 2020 that I will write about in May, this year). I think I will use Punto, which is a heavy knitted jersey that will be a nice touch for the Bunad inspired skirt (the skirt is usually sewn in wool, but my plan with this is to make more simple, cheaper and also a “everyday” skirt).

I hope the skirt will be finished this spring and that I can post it before Norway national day!

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