March update

I have to be honest and say that this month has been rather chaotic again, and it is kind of boring to write about it…

The chaotic part has to be all the things that are happening now in our world. It has been draining to watch the news and read the newspaper so I decided to take a little break from the internet. Which also mean that I did not post much here.

The other bad thing is that I got Covid… My comments to that is that it is definitely a very bad flu. I have not felt so sick since I had the Swine flu in 2016. I tested positive March 20th and I was feeling a bit ill few days earlier but thought it was just my normally tired and exhaustion before I suddenly started freezing and sweating at the same time, and woke up with a very bad headache. Now over a week later, I am still having a stuffed nose and a lot of coughing because of my stuffed nose… The energy is still weak and I have heard that it will stay weak for a while (jeez… always something that has to delay me from doing my sewing plans, blog updates, etc.), I hope that I will feel better soon and learn how to handle my low energy.

I do not have much to tell you about this month, because I have been working with my sewing plans, writing a brochure, “updating” this blog and taking photos!

Other things I have been doing this month that does not include my sewing was looking after my parents’ house and dog for a few days. I managed to sew something when I was there too, but not as much as planned, but still it was nice to do something else.

Now let us talk a little bit, of what fabrics and materials I have bought this month!

I bought a new Simplicity magazine that had a simple t-shirt pattern I have wanted for a while now. It will definitely be something I want to make for spring and summer. I also bought more Ellie & Mac patterns which I am very curious about trying. However, I decided not to take pictures of the patterns because I will mostly talk more about them in a post later, when I have tried the patterns.

I focused on buying fabrics for my own sewing projects this month. My mother asked me if I had any nice clothes that I have sewn and could wear, and I realized I did not have much of that… So lately, I have been focusing on trying to sew both for myself and for others. Therefore, all the fabrics I have bought this month is for me, but I have been tricked by myself before (funny enough I got an order from my friend that she wanted some pants, so I had to share the black Punto fabric with her).

This year keeps being tough for me. From getting crystal sickness to getting Covid-19, it surely makes me hope that the “bad”part of the year came early this year and is ending as soon as I get better from Covid-19. Of course, all of the issues I have already had have made many of my sewing plans, and of course other plans, delayed. Also the blog might not follow the Monday, Wednesday and Friday post routine as I planned to do, but I think that is okay. I have been posting on more random days because it is easier for me, it looks like I still post on Mondays but also on Tuesday and Sundays. Those of you who like to read my blog should sign up to my e-mail list, so it is easier to see when I have a new post ready for you.

My top post this month is:

Before ending this post, I want to say thank you to Martine for writing a guest post here this month. You are welcomed to write more when you have time and I cannot wait for you to appear as a model for me on this blog.

Let us hope April will be the beginning of a good year for us all!

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