Blog Upgrade

Finally, I have upgraded the blog to get its own domain. Now the website is! This is something I have wished to do a long time now but never really had money and time to do. Not because it is too much work but I wanted to have my website to be more “complete”. Now it is finally ready to get more attention!

I have also updated the blog with new About and Contact site. I have been working on them since January and I hope those pages will make it easier to find more about this blog & me, and easier to contact me if you are having some questions.

This website is also updated for my Norwegian followers to be able to contact me if they want a special made product from me or other projects where they need advice and help for a project in sewing, costume, etc…

I do not have any plans to redesign the look on the website. I am happy with its simple look.

I am also working on making a gallery that will be like a “catalog” for Norwegian customer/followers, but also like a portfolio.

My plan was to get the blog ready Monday 4 April but WordPress has changed how many pictures I could upload on my blog as a free blog, so I decided to update it 1 April.  Therefore, if you have noticed that the blog did already had the domain name ready before that date, well that’s the reason.

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