The 2021 sewing mistakes

Something that I have written about two times before is the sewing mistakes that I make throughout the year.

No matter how long I have been sewing, I still make mistakes when I try to create something I might have not tried yet, or materials that I am not familiar with. The year 2020, I did focus on learning to sew jersey clothes (mostly how to make the finishing better). I did some mistakes that year too, but I did not document it, the reason for that is that I did not blog much that year.

In 2021, I focused on trying to sew non-stretch fabrics like viscose, double gaze, cotton poplin, chiffon, etc.

My goals last year (read more about it here) was to sew solid, smooth fabrics and try to learn to sew buttons and zipper. Did not happen much too be honest.

  1. This top is not a big fail, but it was the start of trying to understand which size I should use for myself. I tried wearing it one day, but the sleeves were very tight and the front part was sliding down and miss-shaped. I love the fabric print and colors, and I did find that fabric again, so I bought the fabric and made a different top for myself.
  2. This dress…. Well I do not know what I was thinking. I wanted a summer dress, at the same day, as I needed it. It did not happen, but I was impressed that I did cut and sew it in less than 4 hours. The problem was the front and the skirt. The front part is way too big and my bosoms tried to escape. The skirt was too low on my waist and did not look good on me. The fabric is cute but it is called “Autumn butterfly” and I did not fit the summer feeling in late June.
  3. Might not look like a fail, but I wanted a cute lace blouse and decided to use viscose jersey under the lace to avoid see through. I was not thinking about how I should have sewn it, so I did just sew it together and it became too tight (I did sew both lace and viscose jersey fabrics together, something you should not do). I did understand that I should stop sewing lace on other fabrics (but do I ever learn?) but I thought it might be prettier to sew it like that, than having seams on the lace. I have learned that is not what I should do anymore.
  4. The white blouse with puffy sleeves and round collar. With fake front opening… and that is where the problem started. The back opening was too small and I had no problem with putting it on, taking it off was horrible. My partner was not home, so he could not help me. I did not know how to take it off carefully. It was cotton poplin and that is not hard to rip off… I got a little bit angry and did a hulk thing, and ripped the blouse off and cursed at it.
  5. Is it stupid to say this was my favorite top, but I was not able to use it because I sew the front part wrong? That is all. The only thing that is wrong with this one that I did not read how to sew the front part with the flounce right. I did read it, of course after when I had finished the blouse how I should sew it. I am planning to try making it again, and also similar blouse like this with sleeves.
  6. Not sure why it is there, but I think, it was something about the fabric and something about the size. It was fitting and too small at the same time. I have made the same top again just in viscose jersey, and it worked nicely. Velvet fabric do not always have as much stretch as needed to make it look good as a simple top.
  7. I tried a Burda easy pattern and it must be the first time since 2010 I have disliked wearing something I have made. It was not flattering for my body type, also it might be that I used double gauze that made it look very stiff and awkward.
  8. I was so happy when I made this one, because it was definitely a more elegant dress I had made for a very long time, which also needed a zipper (perfect way to do one of my goals).  Unfortunately, I had not read the pattern description about which fabric was suggested. It was jersey… I do not know how I did not understand I needed to use stretch fabric and not non-stretch. It frustrated me a lot. I did get the dress on, it was actually not my buttocks that made the zipper stop, it was my bosoms (not sure if I was happy surprised or not). I decided to not finish sewing it but redesign it, and since I was very frustrated, I actually made a blouse of the fabric the same night I had sewn the dress (no wonder I have a sleeping problem now).

That was all about my last year mistakes. I do not think the mistakes I make now is very bad anymore. It is most about the right sizing and learning about how the fabric works. I am also trying to “hack” the patterns more because I think I learn better how to design my own pattern by doing that.

I will be honest and say that I do lose motivation when I fail with my projects. Using so much energy on creating something that looks good in my head but fail when it is made, is sometimes devastating. When that happens, I try to take a little break and find something else to do.

My best tip when you lose motivation and interest in your sewing projects that might have failed, make something you already know how to make, to remind yourself that you can still sew and create amazing things.

And that is it for last years sewing mistakes!

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