Red roses is what I like

This blouse might have a shape that I have shown you before. It is a red flowery version of the Easter blouse I made last year.

I think this blouse has a romantic feel to it, and I cannot wait to wear in on warmer days. I think this one would have been nice as a 60s baby doll dress, but I did only have one meter of the fabric, and that was not enough to sew a dress of it.

However, I am planning to create this as a dress by using viscose (last time I tried to sew this as a dress with thin fabric, it looked like an old fashion nightgown). I am also thinking about making my own patterns that are similar to this type of style, because I only have it in three different sizes and I want to have more sizes for it. That is something I have to take some time to work with, so it will not happen yet.

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