April update

This month is the first month in very long time that I have barely sewn. Life feels weird and almost empty without my sewing but I have been working on upgrading my website, taking photos and buying many fabrics this month.

My health has not been very good since I got covid-19 last month. When I thought I was finally over it, I was infected with different virus (I do not know what kind of virus) and had problem with sleeping, stuffed nose and “heavy” coughing. My Easter week was no fun as I had to cancel every plan I had. After one week with no sleeping and a lot of cough I finally got some strong cough syrup to stop my illness. I am still using the medicine when I am writing this post, and I am still very tired and weak.

While I am doing my best to recover from the virus infection, I have managed to take photos of recent sewing projects (but also of some me made last year) before I got ill. Both my mom and I have been models for those clothes. I have to be honest and say I was a little bit scared of modeling right after my long time illness, because I have not completely finished recovering.

Fabric shopping this month has been wild. I started with just buying a few fabrics for early May projects, but after a long Easter, were I was awake every night, I did some online shopping and bought for summer and early autumn projects.

However, it do not end here. After a little visit at the doctors to get some medicine, my mom and I went to selfmade (stoff &stil) and found many crazy fabrics for me to try. In just a short amount of time, I got many ideas and decided to just try something new and not so typical “me style”.

Every month I have been posting about this update, and I have to admit, I find it a little bit awkward that I have been so unlucky with my health recently. My point with these updates was to blog a little bit of life with my sewing. But no matter if I my post might seem a little bit negative it is mostly because I want to tell you the reason why I might have been slow in my sewing process or blogging.

The top post of this month was:

I want to thank you all for reading and following my blog. Thanks for sending likes and comments, it does really make my day!

This time I want to end the post with my little word of wisdom.

It is okay that you are too tired to get things done. It is okay that a day, a week or a month might be too heavy. It is okay not to feel okay.  Do what helps you get through your day. Do not push yourself too much and most importantly respect your own boundaries.

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