Peplum top

Peplum tops is something that I think a younger version of me would have loved to have many of, but today it almost seems too hard to find a peplum top that fits the shape of my body or that I like.

Ellie & Macs pattern Dashing dress and peplum top is the closet I have gotten to finding a peplum top that I like. It has a simple look and it has a collar that I have been obsessed with making lately.

I have recently had some fun with decorating the collars with laces, beads, etc.

I used viscose jersey to create a softer look for the peplum skirt. I also used viscose jersey on the collar, and I regret not using interfacing on both of the collar parts to make it stiffer.

This time I had to decorate the collar because I melted the fabric and gave it a few darker spots. However, I think the peplum top became more fitting for the looks that I have. Unfortunately, I do not feel comfortable with wearing it because the skirt became too short (I do not think I measured the right length of the skirt).  I am thinking of making it again, but it is not a priority right now.

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