May update

I almost forgot to write this months update!

I have been very busy with celebrating our national day, social gatherings, some walks in the sun and of course a lot of sewing.

I think I have sown about 27 pieces of clothing this month, four of them did not work out, but the rest did. A good amount of them are for sale, some were orders and I tried to sew something for myself…

I have also been working with styling other customers and putting together a new wardrobe with clothes that I make especially for them. I might write more about it after this summer.

For those who wonder, my health has been much better, but I caught a cold again at the end of May. Back to taking this strong couch syrup, yuck!

My fabric shopping has been crazy as usual and I have bought many sewing magazines to make me take some time on the couch to relax.

My fabric shopping this time have been focused on what I need for myself, what I want to create to sell and something for boyfriend. That is why the colors this time are more blue and green.

I am planning an event this June for those who live in Trondheim, Norway. I am going to have a “pop up store” at a local hair salon. The owner of the hair salon asked me last autumn if I was interested in having a small pop up evening at one of her hair salons, and I could not say no to do that!

It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so I have been working on making it happen since November 2021. Now I am finally ready to show what I have made, and to try to sell some of my sewing projects too, aswell as possibly taking orders from my “catalog”.

If I have been a bit messy with scheduling my posts lately, it is because I have been busy with this big project, which is important to me. I will try to keep up with my blogging but I might forget to post something when June arrives.

The top post of this month:

Now I am going back to work on my sewing, and taking photos!

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