Indigo, ice cream colors

This long indigo dress was fun to sew, but the fabric was definitely a bit hard to sew.

My mother and I was fabric shopping in March, and we found polka dot fabrics that reminded me of the colors of the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream that is called tressis in Norway (all three ice cream flavors in the same box). My mom loved the idea of using three different colors for a dress. My first idea was to make the skirt in three different colors, but after researching what kind of patterns I had, I decided to use TATB pattern Indigo.

I am trying to avoid using synthetic fabrics, but it is sometimes hard to find fancy and pretty fabrics without it being synthetic.  This dress is 100% polyester.

I made one more indigo dress of the same fabric but only with the light brown fabric. I was supposed to keep it, but it does not fit that well. As I have written many times before, sometimes you have to size up or down when it is different fabrics and I honestly forgot (or did not think it was a problem) when I was cutting out the pieces. There is no elastic feel in this fabric so I should have sized it up a little bit.

I made this dress in double gauze, in size 5, and it looked excessively big for me. Therefore, I will try to sew the indigo dress in double gauze one size smaller, hopefully I will have many more nice dresses for the summer. In addition, I am planning to make this dress with viscose as well, but I am not sure what size I should try for viscose yet.

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