Mom’s favorite blouse of the year

It is no lie that this sewing pattern for this blouse is a favorite of my mother.

This simplicity pattern is a favorite for many of the people around me that has seen it, both as a blouse and as a dress. Even if this blouse was supposed to be mine, my mother wanted it more.

I remember writing in an earlier post how I was excited to show you all my 60s vibe blouse. I still think it has a 60s vibe, but it might be the print on the fabric.

I am planning to try creating a different one for myself (I hope no one will try to take that one from me too), I just have not had time to do it yet. I have also made a dress for my mother in this style and she has already asked for more of them, so I guess I will keep on making them. Maybe it will get its own post by the end of this year.

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