June update

This month has been about taking pictures, making brochures, planning late summer & autumn projects and just trying to live a little. I have also been taking a few orders from people I know!

I have sewed 20 projects this month, a lot of them is something I have been testing and tried to hack to create a “new” design from other patterns that I love using.

In the middle of this month, my mom and I went even crazier with the fabric shopping for a summer and autumn wardrobe I am going to design for both of us.

I am trying to challenge myself a little bit by trying to sew with different kinds of fabrics than what I am used to. I am also trying to sew clothes in different designs for myself that I might not be so comfortable with wearing but I hope if I make it myself I might feel it is okay.

I don’t have any more pictures of what I bought this month

I have also been sketching a lot lately and I am wondering about if I should share it with you?

 The pop up shop I was going to try to have for a day did not happen this month, which was a bummer. I have worked so much with everything to make sure I was ready this month, and I was almost ready but at this time of the year, people are busy with getting ready for summer break.

Therefore, I have decided to try to relax and do more stuff with my boyfriend, family and maybe friends this summer and not focus too much on sewing projects (that will be so hard because I am already planning autumn/winter wardrobe). I hope that I can try again with the pop up shop in August or September.

This is the top post of this month:

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