My vacation shopping

Now that I have been home for a while, I finally got the energy to write about what I bought of fabrics and other materials.

I found two shops in Kristiansand that I visited, Hobbyhimmelen (translated to hobby heaven) and StoffDronning (translated to Fabric queen). At the first store, I bought a lot of beads and jewelry materials. I was excited when I found out that they had so much different materials for any hobby!

At StoffDronning I decided to not shop much but I found a very soft and stretchy cotton jersey that looked like jeans.

When I was in Oslo, I found two fabric shops, Rainbow textile and Saab textile. They have crazy beautiful fabrics but is also expensive… I have been to those shops before and was very ready for how expensive it could be to find fabrics that I really wanted to buy.

I did not buy too much from either store. I bought stretch fabrics on Rainbow textile that would look great for a warm autumn/winter outfit. I am not sure what kind of fabrics they are but it is something with jersey. I fear those fabrics will be itchy for my skin as they are not cotton jersey.

On Saab textile I just had a hard time to decide what to buy as it has so many beautiful fabrics but they are too expensive and I did not have any idea what I wanted to create with them. I bought three colorful flower printed polyester fabrics, which did almost feel a little bit satin silky soft. Weird way to describe it, but I could not find any other way to write it.

I have to say that I found so much I wanted to buy, but decided it was not wise. I know that I will visit Oslo again next year, and then I might have an idea of what I want and need for next projects before I visit the stores!

I do almost have a plan for all the materials I bought on this vacation. I usually do not buy materials unless I have an idea, but it is a little bit hard when you are visiting shops that you have no idea of what they sell and what is on sale, etc.…

My shelves are already full of fabrics and I have many projects I have to finish before I can work with any of the new materials I bought, but I can barely wait to see what I make of it.

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